Robert Kuhn

PharmD, Pediatric Pharmacy Specialist, University of Kentucky

Dr. Robert Kuhn is a specialist in pediatric pharmacy and has been with the College of Pharmacy since 1985. He received a bachelor of arts degree in philosophy from the University of Steubenville (Ohio) and bachelor of science degree in pharmacy from The Ohio State University. His doctor of pharmacy degree was obtained in 1984 from the University of Texas at Austin.He was the recipient of a fellowship from the American Society of Hospital Pharmacists Pediatric Pharmacotherapy and has served as a reviewer for the journals Clinical Pharmacy, Drug Intelligence and Clinical Pharmacy and American Journal of Hospital Pharmacy, and editor of the Kentucky Society of Hospital Pharmacists newsletter.

Thomas Roussel

Mechanical Engineering Ph. D, JB Speed School of Engineering 

Thomas Roussel, Jr. received the B.A. in Chemistry from the University of New Orleans in 1993, the B.S. and M.S. in Biomedical Engineering from Louisiana Tech University in 1997 and 2001, respectively, and the Ph. D. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Louisville in 2014. After 14 years as a research engineer working in the labs of Prof. Rob Keynton (UofL Bioengineering) and Prof. Rick Baldwin (UofL Chemistry), he accepted a Term Assistant Professor in the Bioengineering Department at UofL in June 2014. Dr. Roussel's research interests include FEA and CFD, microfabricated/COTS sensor technologies, and custom instrumentation, all in support of the development of analytical techniques for environmental studies, orthopedic and rehabilitation platforms, as well as biomedical diagnosti

Natasha Sams

Executive Director, GSE

Natasha Sams is a passionate leader, entrepreneurship educator, and multimedia designer. She is honored to serve as the Executive Director of the Governor's School for Entrepreneurs (GSE). GSE is an intensive, transformative entrepreneurial experience. GSE exists to truly ignite the entrepreneurial spirit of Kentucky's talented teens. GSE identifies those students where the spark burns brightest, provides them an alternative to the standardized learning environment, immerses them in a new way of thinking and equips each to create an entrepreneurial future for themselves and their communities. GSE continues to work with young entrepreneurs after their summer journey, and is becoming a true engine for economic advancement for the Commonwealth. 

Demetra Antimisiaris

Associate Professor, Dept. Health Management & Systems Sciences
Director, Frazier Polypharmacy & Medication Management Program
Assistant Dean, Continuing Medical Education & Professional Development

Dr. Antimisiaris leads the Frazier Polypharmacy and Medication Management Program, which is a program dedicated to education, research and outreach to help solve the problems associated with polypharmacy.  Her primary research interest is in the area of decision making about medication use by all stakeholders (prescribers, caregivers, healthcare systems, and consumers), and the factors which influence those decisions.  Recent projects focus on monitoring medication use: i.e. how the healthcare system tracks and documents the use each medication a person is taking, what consumers know about what they are taking, and might there be ways that we can improve upon the current status of medication use monitoring?  Machine learning in predictive monitoring of medication use is a developing area of research Dr. Antimisiaris is working on with engineering colleagues.

Stephen Cohan

Logic Stream Health

Stephen has experience with senior strategy, and is a sales and customer service leader with over 23 years in leadership roles within the health care and pharmacy benefits management (PBM) industry. Deep domain knowledge and understanding of payer and large employer segments He has expertise in pharmacy benefit, health & wellness, and health management services.
Current and prior work experience includes a variety of leadership roles in business development, client service and general management at CVS Health, Caremark, WebMD, Medco, and other health care leaders.


Douglas Gastright

Patent Attorney

Doug’s practice includes assisting with the patent application process as well as licensing and transactional work, with a focus on software.  Doug has more than seven years professional experience as a software developer in the Cincinnati area, including positions at The Kroger Co. and General Electric. Doug has experience as the primary draftsman for more than 25 patent applications and has assisted with a variety of Office Action responses and filings.  Doug has used his experience as a software developer to identify and capture key innovations in software implemented inventions during discussions with inventors.  He has considerable experience beyond application drafting and has assisted clients with patent due diligence issues, freedom to practice opinions, novelty searches, licensing of patents, assignment of patents, litigation research, vendor contracts, and a variety of technology transactions.  In August of 2014 Doug received a passing score for the United States Patent Office Registration Examination for Patent Attorneys and received final approval to practice October 7, 2014.