DoseDEFENSE was founded in July of 2018 wh

DoseDEFENSE was founded in July of 2018 at the Kentucky Governor's School for Entrepreneurs. GSE is an intensive summer program immersing Kentucky students in the creation of business and cultivating the entrepreneurial mindset.

GSE culminates in a pitch competition in which DoseDEFENSE was awarded first place. There, we connected with numerous mentors and began to expand our network. 

After Demo Day we formed an advisory board to enhance our knowledge of both child welfare and the pharmaceutical industry. 

That spring we went on to file DoseDEFENSE, LLC and continued to pursue our business model by partnering with Frost, Brown, Todd to patent our device. 

As our team continues to research and grow our knowledge base we are always looking to expand our network of mentors. Our ultimate plan is to bring on a strategic partner for guidance in navigating both the pharmaceutical and manufacturing industries.